Homeschool a-go-go

5:16 PM

The decision has been made.  This is the last year of public school our daughter will attend. Beginning in July (yes, July!) we will all be on a new journey to teach our girl about life, help her discover who she is and who she wants to be. And we can totally do that if we teach her ourselves.  We made her and it's our job to teach her.  Having her home will mean learning can and will happen all the time, not just what we can fit into the few short hours between homework and bedtime when we're all tired and frustrated.  It will be a new way of life for us, but it's going to be good.

I realize this is primarily a crafting blog and that I don't normally drag my personal life into it, but as my lifestyle changes, so will my blog.

Coming soon, you'll be able to find posts about our homeschooling adventures listed under a new page called, amazingly, homeschool.   I hope you'll stick around - there will always be plenty of handmade to be seen - but it may not always be my hands making it.   And that's a good thing too.

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