Gracie's Garden Bazaar

1:45 PM

Cassandra at Gracie's Garden Bazaar friended me on Facebook a while ago and I've had her shop in my  Etsy favorites for a while now.

She has beautifully hand-stitched original textiles including hoop art, bags, dolls, and even jewelry.   While sighing over this item...

Lollipop Phone Case

I noticed that her Etsy shop could really use a sales boost. She has such pretty things in it!  Here's an adorable Bee..

Bzzz - look at that stitching!!!
This Queen Bee is so original and the stitching is completely free-style which means no two will ever be alike. 

And then there's her hoop art, which is gorgeous.

A Mermaid's Song

Ok, seriously look at that stitching!! I swoon over how beautiful this piece is.  The quality of Cassandra's work is just amazing.

Gracie's is also on Folksy  which,  as some of you may already know,  is a UK only handcrafted venue.  There are many things there as well including a larger selection of jewelry items like this brooch:

Wonderfully nostalgic!
Luckily the UK restriction is only for selling and not buying! So feel free to stop by Folksy as well!

If you enjoy original embroidery mixed with vintage textiles and as Gracie puts it "stitched storybook prettiness" her shop is the way to go. 

Please take a peek at her shop on Etsy especially! And tell your friends too.  
You can also find Gracie on Facebook, her blog, and on Flickr

Have a super holiday weekend!

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Craftie Nellie IS crafty!

5:30 AM

This past week I won a giveaway.  I love presents and of course I love winning them even more, and this time it comes all the way from the U.K.! :)

Kim at Craftie Nellie makes beautiful photo cards, stationary, and  bookmarks.  One of the downsides of selling online is that the buyer is unable to touch the products and see the quality up close. (Which is the main reason good photographs are so important.)

Kim does an excellent job of depicting her products, yet I was still surprised at the excellent quality of the items I received!

This is the note card Kim included, congratulating me on my winning. 

The photo and card quality are excellent.  I'll admit freely I am not a saver of thank you cards in general, but this one is so lovely it will be tucked into the corner of my inspiration board so I can look at it every day. 

I also received two blank cards with sweet lady bugs on them.

There are two of them!
I know they're meant for writing in and giving away, but tough luck people, I'm keeping them! Well, maybe, if I find a special reason to send it I might.

But wait, there's more!

I also won these lovely bookmarks...

Darling hearts and flowers

These adorable bookmarks stayed in their package as Q was looking quite eager to check out the ribbon and twine. 

And last, but certainly not least, is this beautiful fabric bookmark..

Floral bookmark is mesmerizing

Q and I both were amazed at this fabric bookmark which had a beautiful lavender scent to it.  Kim's listing doesn't specify that the bookmarks are scented, so this may have been a little extra something for me - which was awesome!

I do want to mention the packaging. Each item came in a cello bag, sealed with a little heart sticker. 

Tiny hearts are so sweet!
Every item was perfect, the quality amazing, and very reasonably priced. The cards would make lovely gifts and are less expensive, even getting them from the UK, than most cards you can find in the shops. And! Buying handmade helps support independent businesses and crafters around the world, which I am very much in favor of doing. :)

Kim puts her personal touch on her products, which I think makes all the difference.

WAY better than Hallmark!

You can find Craftie Nellie on Etsy,  on Folksy, on Facebook, (where you should go and Like her page!) as well as on her personal blog.

Please support handmade and visit Kim, check out her products;  you won't be disappointed in what you'll find!

Many thanks to Kim for sending me such lovely gifts! ♥

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