1:30 PM

It's 4 o'clock! I cannot believe the day is gone already! UGH!!
Here are Thirteen things I wanted to do today, but didn't. 

1. Sleep in
2. Take my time writing my Thursday13
3. Have a second cup of coffee
4. Take a shower (Sad, huh?)
5. Fold the Alp-sized pile of laundry in my bedroom
6. Take an afternoon nap
7. Make a pair of earrings
8. Check out more actions in Photoshop
9. Eat spicy Sichuan beef from P.F. Changs 
10. Search the new releases on Neflix watch instantly
11. Read the last chapter of First Grave On The Right
12. Check in on Etsypreneur and fan the new people on Facebook
13. Explore the current theories and possible applications for cold fusion

What did you want to do that you didn't find time for today? 

Visit Thursday13 for more meme fun!

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