Camera Critters - #137 - Harriet Jones

6:05 AM

It's Saturday which means I get to share another critter with you.  This time it's a duo...a very cheeky raccoon and her baby.

Last November we had the pleasure of  seeing a raccoon in the daylight.  Between the possum and this gal we were beginning to wonder if they were really nocturnal.   We dubbed this one Harriet Jones and she came to see us every morning for several weeks.  Wondering about the name Harriet Jones?  It comes from Dr. Who, the Aliens of London episode. 

One day Harriet showed up with her baby.  We gathered that she'd been scoping us out for food quality and child safety.

My daughter (an avid animal lover and veterinarian-to-be) flipped out over how cute the baby was and promptly named her Delilah. (We gave her a Webkinz raccoon for Christmas last year which now bears the same name.) I love how into animals she is. :)

And now.. Harriet Jones and Delilah:

What's up this way?

C'mon mom, make some room!

Can I eat this little guy?

Hey these leaves look good.

I see you!

Look! We don't even have to climb.

Uh oh, we've been discovered!

We never saw Harriet again after that winter, but during the late summer a full grown Delilah paid us one visit.  She must have remembered our feeder from her childhood. :)

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