Thirteen Actors Who Drive Me Crazy

8:25 AM

Warning: I'm putting on my snarky hat for my first ever Thursday Thirteen.

We all have actors that we love to watch and maybe even love enough to see whatever movie they're in, even if it's total crap. Well, I have my very own list of actors that annoy the ever loving shit out of me. I've had this list in my head for going on twenty years. It's changed some from time to time, but the core of the list remains the same.

Here it is, in all it's glory:

13. Sigourney Weaver -- She has only recently edged onto the list. I love, love, love Galaxy Quest. Then I saw her on Inside The Actor's Studio. That was the longest hour of DUH I have ever seen.

12.  Craig T. Nelson --  Yes, Coach. Or, the Poltergeist Guy, or that one guy from that other movie.   He has a certain 'je ne sais quoi ' of annoyance that allows him the number twelve spot.

11. Gary Busey --  "Utah, gimme two" - a line from Point Break I will never forget.  Unfortunately this man has taken a nose dive off the deep end. The last thing I saw him in was "I'm With Busey" in which he shoved a cork up a cows bum.  Seriously.

10. Adam Sandler --  You're probably thinking, "awwww, but he's so funny!"  No, he's really kind of not. And if you had been stranded on an airport runway for 8 hours and had been forced to watch The Water Boy  3 times in a row you probably would agree with me.  At some point he is going to stop being an adolescent right?

9.  Jennifer Tilly -- The voice. My god, the voice.

8. Tim Robbins --  But he's so tall and cute and cuddly looking.  All I can see is the soap box under his feet. Shhh, Tim Robbins, people are trying to live here.

7.  David Spade --  Another middle-aged adolescent making money being not talented.

6.  Chris Elliot --  Cabin Boy. Nuff said, right?

5.  Mel Gibson -- Ok, we're getting into the territory in which I may actually take some heat.  I used to love Mel Gibson - I even watched Gallipoli.  Really!  Real life antics and crazy talk have turned him into a train wreck which no longer allows me to see the character when he acts.  All I see is a damn fool.

4. Ronny Cox --  Is it that Ronny Cox is so good at playing a complete bastard he makes me hate him? Or do I just hate him? I can't decide, so he's staying at number 4.

3. Russell Crowe --  Gladiator, I know.  As I recall he didn't do an awful lot of talking in that movie.  Maybe that's why I was able to watch it.  Master and Commander? I probably understood about 1/10th of what he said.   I think the media thinks he's all kindsa sexy so we have to put up with him.  Not me, baby.

2. Jeff Bridges -- Wow. This is a milestone. Jeff Bridges has occupied the number one spot for the past 19 years or so.  He only recently fell to number two.  Why is he here? The face, the hair, the voice, the body language, the movies he's in, take your pick.

1. Tom Cruise -- See Mel Gibson.  Also, see this video. and then this one.

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