it's a banner day

10:12 AM

Sharin' the love today with some free banners. Grabby grab 'em up if you want 'em!

These are 760 x 100 with a 100 resolution. (The Etsy banner size)

These are 1000 x 200 with a 100 resolution: (The backdrop size for Artfire pro)

Click for full size, then right click and 'save as'. I would love to see them in use, so if you do..please let me know :)


The hero of Canton The man they call Jayne.

12:59 PM

Meet Somerset Jayne. I mean Daisy Jayne. She is a 3 month old Brittany Spaniel and the newest member of our family. I'm sure she will shape up to be the guard dog we anticipated having. /sigh.

We had to change her name from Somerset Jayne because whenever the NoOb would remember to call her Jayne (he was inexplicably calling her Daisy nine times out of ten) it sounded like he was calling me.

So Daisy Jayne, welcome to all that is us. Please make sure your tray table is in the full upright position.


Giveaway Winner!

5:29 PM

Congrats to Dina @ 4 Lettre Words who was selected randomly as shown below:

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, visited the blog, and shared their time with me.

Please be sure to visit again, we'll be having another giveaway in April!

**The winner has 48 hours to contact me with address info.  If I haven't heard back, another winner will be picked on Tuesday morning.


grand opening giveaway - CLOSED!

8:30 AM

The Etsy shop is officially open and to shamelessly plug it I'm featuring a giveaway.  Since Jenaissance is all about that vintage feeling (as opposed to that lovin' feelin') here's what I'm giving away to the winner:

The NoOb picked out this bracelet just for you, I hope you like it!

Here's how to enter

*Check out my Etsy shop here. Come back and leave a comment telling me which piece you like best, and/or what you'd like to see more of in the future.  (This is mandatory to qualify to win.)

The following are worth 1 extra entry each: (These are entirely optional but increase your chances)

1. Follow my blog.  {please post that you did in a comment - be sure you follow publicly, I can't verify anonymous followers}
2. Follow @myjenaissance on Twitter. {please post your twitter ID in  a comment}
3. Tweet about my giveaway. {please comment that you tweeted and link it or include @myjenaissance and a link to this post in your tweet for verification}
4. Blog about my giveaway. {please post that you did in a comment along with a link to your post.}
5. Fan Jenaissance on Facebook  {please post that you became a fan, or already are one}

***Be sure to leave an email address so I can contact the winner.

***Please make sure you  leave a comment for each entry;  each person has a maximum of 6 chances to win.

Contest ends 3/20/10  The winner will be selected randomly and announced on Sunday, March 21st.

Good luck and thanks heaps for entering! :)



5:20 AM

Ten things. Count them, 10! are ready for posting on Etsy. There are another dozen or so in the photography stage awaiting attention in the make-shift photo studio/closet. It's pretty funny sitting on a cafe chair in there among the clothes trying to get the right angle.  The chair is too low compared to the shelf the light box is sitting on. It was all going much more smoothly when it was on the dining room table.

I am completely at a loss as to the best way to photograph earrings for sale. Hang 'em? Lay them flat next to a ruler? a measuring tape? I don't have a half bust for displaying them on a pseudo-ear. Using a coin to show scale is silly to me since we generally don't go 'round with quarters or pennies dangling from our ears. One lady I know on Etsy has the earrings laying in her hand, which does show scale quite nicely (unless she has a freakishly large hand and is not divulging that) but my hand doesn't look good photographed.  Ideas? Anyone?

I'd also like to find a half mannequin for photographing necklaces; the leather-ette bust I use is too shiny and too curved making longer necklaces hang too low and out of the light. I did a search for mannequins (even used and broken ones mind you) and was shocked to see how much they cost. At a minimum a headless bust is $96. Eventually it might be a good investment. Right now.. not happening.

I don't even want to think about how to better photo bracelets; there isn't room in the light box for a mannequin bust let alone a whole dang arm. *Note to self: buy a house with a photo studio surrounded by natural, but indirect, light.

Coming up will be the grand opening of Jenaissance on Etsy and along with it a giveaway! You read it right baby, a giveaway. Who doesn't love one of those?  Details to follow sometime this weekend so check back and/or watch your feed!

Here's something new to look at.  :)


a portal to the wee folk

4:37 AM

Yesterday I mentioned that I had won a contest in which my prize was to be a fairy portal. Late in the afternoon it arrived and I couldn't be more pleased.

It was made by Kim at Clay By Kim who has amazing talent working with polymer clay. The detail in her work is amazing.  To learn more about Kim you can visit her blog here.  Before I show you some of her other items I have to show off my prize first. :)

Here is the door.. close up:

Zoomed out a bit:

As you can see, it fits neatly along the crooked molding near the floor.  It even came with special portal adhesive, which is wee folk friendly.

During installation, Q came by to do a quality check.


Here's a photo showing you the door fully installed:

I'm inordinately pleased with this little gift! As it happens I've been hanging with some folks over at PhenomeGNOME and have been participating in weekly wee folk photography contests.  Now that I've got this door I'm sure to have an influx of subjects!

But I digress. I was talking about Kim and her beautiful clay work.   I'm quite enamored with these eek-worthy bug magnets!

I have no idea what kind of patience it takes  to get these tiny details  but I can assure you, I ain't got it.

These make my mouth water:

Kim also makes pendants:

Gorgeous! Her work with leaves and petals reminds me of the traditional German carved candles. I saw a show on how those are made and have a new respect for the artisans who craft them.

Please stop by and see Kim at her shop and check out the rest of her beautiful work.

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