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I became a Dr. Who fan a couple of years ago when the SciFi channel started showing the new series. Dr. Who goes back to the early 60's and though I've tried to watch a few clips of episodes on youtube, I can't say I was a fan of the early years.

I was instantly grabbed up by the 9th Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston and was horrified to find out that at the end of his first year run he was going to regenerate into some other Dr. My God, NooOoOOo!!!!!! A 10th Doctor? NO!!! Who could be better as the Doctor!?!?

As it turns out, David Tennant...for five seasons. Now we have to say bubye to him (dammit) and say hello to the 11th Doctor. Before watching this I was doing the whole deja vu thing thinking no one can even come close to Tennant. I was saying things like "I don't care who they put in it, it just won't be the same" and "Gawd, they always ruin a good thing" and "I doubt I'll ever watch it again!" But, I watched this preview and now I'm saying things like "Oh, ok. I'll give it a whirl, but don't expect me to love it as much!"

Here's a quick article from the UK Daily Mail about the ending of the 10th Doctor. You can watch the vid there too, or you can just check it out below.


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