digital scrapbook

pink and flowery

3:38 PM

My first mini scrapbook kit - complete with papers and elements.


Click the image to download.  I hope you enjoy using these! 


mid week review

2:27 PM

So we've pretty well finished up the house and it's feeling much nicer, more organized and is overall a better environment. I think there is finally some good Chi building up in here!  We're all pretty happy about that.

In the meantime I've been working on getting the jewelry reorganized so we can have it up on Etsy within the next few weeks.  Luna Arcana is a thing of the past and we'll be going forward with jenaissance jewelry just as soon as we can. This will be a purely jewelry store.  I think Peter may even decide to contribute at some point in the future.  Keep an eye on the new blog site for fun coupons and giveaways in the months to come.

I'm also doing some free digital scrapbook artwork here.  At the moment it's purely for my own enjoyment, though one never knows what it might become.  Feel free to check it out and leave a comment if you feel so inclined.

Peter's been pretty busy with  The Kitchen Noob now and is loving the experience.  His birthday is coming up and  I've been checking out A Gringo's Guide to Authentic Mexican Cooking as a possible gift.  I'm accept suggestions for cookbooks though.. something Mexican for sure.

In other news, I'm pretty sick of the following things;
Obama,  stupidity, my boofy-poodelle hair, people who don't know how to communicate, the high price of everything, quinoa, Ed Begley, Jr, and the smell of onions.

On the bright side, I am digging these things:
Fresh baked bread, the chance of snow, my organized house, the color green,  finding relatives on Facebook, listening to my daughter read, Netflix, and candles by Montserrat

Also, Spore is a fun little game. Look what you can make...

digital scrapbook

circus alphabet

7:39 AM

Another contribution to the circus theme today, with this full alphabet.  (Though this could be used for a patriotic theme as well!)  Click to begin downloading!

Enjoy! ♥

digital scrapbook

scrapbook tags - The Cirque!

11:54 AM

This time a circus theme, which gives me the heebie jeebies in person. But! I love it in it's vintage, ephemeral, non-lifelike form!


tags a la Cirque for you!

Clicking the image will take you to the download.. much less dangerous than a trapeze. :)


today a tag

6:17 AM

I really love paper; the range of textures is amazing.  This tag uses an image of paper moneycombined with the rough texture of a paper bag.

click the image to download the zip.

enjoy. ♥


spring alphabet

2:04 PM

Well here it is.. my first digital scrapbook alphabet.  It's entirely free for personal use.  Simply click the image to begin the download.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Link backs are appreciated but not necessary!



6:31 PM

here's where I'll post banners. pretty ones. like this:


2:33 PM

this is where I post and will share digital goodies I've made.

digital scrapbook

digital scraping

4:20 AM

I've made a few free digital scrapbook graphics to share. I hope you like them!   I really enjoy playing around with graphics, though I have never really scratched the surface in learning how to use the software.

a spring themed alphabet:

a tag:

Clicking the picture above will download the file. :) Please enjoy responsibly.

digital scrapbook


4:49 AM

I don't claim to be a professional graphic artist. I have absolutely no training other than what I've figured out on my own or learned through tutorials on the internet.

digital scrapbook


5:49 PM

Here's my first attempt at a digital scrapbook page! 

I  tried making a regular scrapbook once.  GUH. I loved the idea, but hated the implementation.

Here's about how it went..."Oh, let me cut this $2 piece of paper...damn! the cutter screwed up that edge!"  and   "Crap! I crinkled it! Well hell let's improvise with what's left."  After using sheet after sheet of the most gorgeous (and very expensive) paper, I would move on finally to phase 2; the laying it all out part.  This is the fun bit.  Design, design, design! Next is the glue it in place bit and there's me... "Well uh, this flower is gonna make the page lumpy. And this clippy thing is going to make an impression on the next page eventually."  *scream*

This is much better.  The elements look three dimensional. See? Don't they just? But!!  When it's printed this will lie perfectly flat!  YAY!  FLAT!  And it's my choice to print or not to print... at any time.

I'm a very tactile person normally and much prefer real books to digital ones.  But in this case digital wins!


towards the finish line

6:46 PM

We're so close to being done with our home improvements. It'll be a total relief when we can sit back and just enjoy it.

Tomorrow we will put on our safari hats, and with machete in hand venture into the depths we call our closet.  God only knows what we'll find in there.  If it's interesting I'll be sure to share.


There is no bread!! Today was mostly about the fish tank getting moved and since that's the Husband's domain the flour sat all alone looking sad on the counter. Well, not as sad as I looked not getting any fresh bread.

The cats have been transitioning to a new food which so far has been a very positive thing. They were yakking left and right and now  nary a "hurka hurka" can be heard.   They seem more playful as well. Yay! (If you're interested, they were eating Science Diet Hairball formula and are slowly moving to Iam's Multi-cat formula. Oh and  the yakking was NOT hairballs. Nice detail there, huh?)

Here's my  Q .. ain't he sweet?

digital scrapbook

flowery alphabet

6:26 PM

I made this alphabet using custom shape flowers. It's a fun alphabet now that it's finished but was fussy in the making. :)

Click the image to download.


design elements

11:29 AM

 Here's a couple of pics of the pillows MIL made me. I ♥ them!!

The fabric is from the Legacy Studio collection called Nestled in Branches.  I believe it's exclusive to Joann's.   The collection is actually lovely by itself.  I dunno what the hell Joann's is doing with the curtain and throw project they have shown on their site.   They couldn't have made it uglier if they tried. 

The pillow below has natural light on it.  This is a much closer representation to the actual fabric color.

As it turns out I have quite the thing for birds.  Who knew?



and on the sixth day...

5:39 PM

....she collapsed into a large heap.

Today I did diddly squat. I think it was a well deserved rest. The Husband was more productive and got the old dining room table in place and planned out the new kitchen arrangement.

I think I'm having fresh bread withdrawals, it's been nearly a week since he's had time to make any. This will be rectified tomorrow even if it comes to begging and pleading.

Here are the numbers:

Rooms Done: 8
Rooms To Go: 1
Jen's Back status: A for effort.

In other news,

The MIL is going to make me a wall hanging  to match some pillows she made me. I'll take photos of that fabric tomorrow and post; it's gorgeous. 

When we're done I'll post some photos of the house. I'm sorry I didn't take 'before' pics. I dunno what I was thinking.

Soon we'll get off this whole "my house is a mess" thing and onto something more exciting; like daily updates about my cats. lol.



and now we're at day five

6:20 PM

Yep, day 5. I now have shelves in my closets. Proper shelves. Wonking shelves!  Real wood.. not the cheap ass wire shelving that eats hangers.  It's a beautiful thing.

 The office has taken shape and we are about 80% of the way done in there. The Peanut's room is 95% finished... just a few adjustments in the closet.

Here's an interesting tidbit. I put together 4 bookshelves in the past two days.. same brand, same cheapo model. Every single one of them had different directions. How is that possible? It was really annoying me earlier. I guess I'm over it now. What did I expect from furniture made of MDF that comes out of a cardboard box that is sturdier than the actual product inside?

On the upside.. I can't believe how much room we've created. Granted, it ain't the Ritz, but it works for me.

Tomorrow the MIL will be over to help whip up a few curtains. 

Here are the numbers!

Rooms Done: 7
Rooms To Go: 2
Jen's Back status: Back in baby, it's back in!



omg, changing time day four

5:40 PM

So it's day four of the "big re-do". The fact that it's day four and we're still moving in a forward direction is a huge deal.

The husband got some shelves cut & even installed one. I know, right!?

A big shout out to Gentle Wolf for his help and guidance in the shelving department! And, for visiting with me this morning. (If you hadn't I'd still be doing the John Wayne on a bender around the place.)

Any progress is good progress as far as I'm concerned.. so I get a pat on my own back for building bookcases, repairing doingers (those door stop thingies), installing a doorknob, and moving two big pieces of furniture. Yay me!! :D

Here are the numbers...

Rooms Done: 5
Rooms To Go: 4
Jen's Back status: Got a postcard today from Vegas.

That top number is finally bigger than the bottom.  As David Bowie would say...  Let's dance.



changing time, day three

4:59 PM

Attacked the Peanut's room with a vengeance today. Managed to wrangle almost all of the toys. I think she might have too many.

The arrangement of her furniture was always what we thought "the best use of space". Our re-arrangement today allowed us to not only free up her closet (which to date has been de-knobbed and blocked off) but to add a free standing shelving unit. And it seems like she has more room than before. I dunno what gives.

After we get some shelving in the closet her room will be done and we will be careening downhill to being finished. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

I am now walking like John Wayne. My back doth protest as well as the rest of me. Too bad I say! Too damn bad.

I love my living room arrangement and I'm digging the new "family room" area. The office is still hovering between almost done and category 5 catastrophe. With the Peanut back to school tomorrow this should go faster. Right? Riiiiiiiiiiight.

Here are the numbers:

Rooms Done: 4.5
Rooms To Go: 4.5
Jen's Back status: So far out it's almost in again.



changing time continued

4:04 PM

I'm typing this from my brand new office. The walls are empty and all that we have organized in it are the computers and the Gazelle. It's taking shape. Speaking of shape, we're both seriously out of it.

We added "garage" to the mix, which must be looked at in order to make room for other things, hence the room count is now nine.

My little Peanut has been a trooper the past two days, for which I'm grateful.  She lost a play room but gained the ability to play Spore while sitting next to me. 

The stats:

Rooms Done: 3
Rooms To Go: 6
Jen's Back: Out and complaining about it.

Relieved that the work day is over.. I'm just too tired for it to go on any longer.  Must. Ice. Back.

ps: here's a shout out to my neighbor - feel free to stop by and visit the Wolf's Den.



changing time

6:50 PM

So I have this neighbor who has this awesome home and every time I visit I'm inspired. His home has serious Chi. I would love for my house to have the same. I think it's possible... despite the chaos. 

The plan has been laid out. Today we began.

Rooms Done: 1
Rooms To Go: 7
Jen's Back: Out



attack of the yeastie beastie.

7:10 PM

As some of you may know, the Husband is doing his own bloggy thing over at The Kitchen Noob.   I gave him a book about making bread for Christmas and that's what he's been doing ever since. Our house smells like a bakery and every day there is something delicious coming out of that godforsaken rickety old oven.

Today he decided to switch recipes.  This involved adding ingredients that he has not used before (like powdered milk) and butter.  Yes, he's used butter before, just not in the bread.  This was all mixed up with a dough hook, some vigorous kneading and a couple of slaps from me.  Into a greased bowl atop the oven it went and he promptly left the house to run an errand.

All was well. The point here being I was getting some quality Jen quiet time!

Very soon after he left I heard a crinkling noise. I attributed this to Chigger, our cat, who has a penchant for sticking his neck through Wal-mart bags. I usually let him have at it for a while and then take the bag away before any brain damage can occur.  I'm good like that.

This noise went on for nearly 30 minutes, but very sporadically. I'd be typing away and hear "crinkle crinkle". And then nothing for another 4 or 5 minutes.  Finally I noticed Chigger asleep in the cat tree about 3 feet away from me. Yea.. I'm real observant.

Crinkle crinkle.....
 I look behind me. It's kind of loud now.

Crinkle crinkle...

I look under my desk.  I'm starting to think maybe there's a lil mouse or some freak wintery big-ass bug crawling around.. making it's way towards me. (this is why I should not be left alone)

Crinkle crinkle...
Alright. I'm gettin' up now!   I look over at the stove and what the!?  The dough is now about 3 times the size it was when we started and all the saran wrap is coming up off the bowl. As I stare it..

up comes more of the saran as the dough puffs up higher.

I was pretty sure we were going to be in for an I Lucy episode.  By the time the Husband got home, the bread had risen to about 5 times the size and looked like a giant mushroom.

You might be wondering why this is even remotely worth blogging about.  Well, I'll tell ya.  Up  until this point he has been making the same bread recipe over and over again in an attempt to perfect it. I'm here to tell ya, it wasn't worth perfecting.  It tasted especially nice toasted with a bit of jam. It smelled heavenly whilst cooking.  But it could have shielded me in a nuclear blast.  I prefer a bit less density to my food.    Why the density? Probably due to the fact that rapid-rise yeast and a good four hour window only ever got it to rise about an inch.

I'm sure the husband will post about it over at TKN so be sure to check out the photos.

ps: this new bread, which I am calling the I Lucy loaf, was AMAZING.  

pps: two loaves of this bread cost roughly $1.40 to make. Can you even buy 1 loaf for that? I dun think so!



felt food

9:07 AM

Here are a few pics of the wondermous felt food items I made for my peanut.

The bacon and eggs were so easy to make it was almost silly. Slightly time consuming to get all the stitches about the same distance apart, but I did it while I listened to re-runs of "Murder She Wrote" on the tv.

The egg yolks are ever so slightly stuffed to make the yolky-looking bit stand out from the white. I feel I overstuffed the eggs themselves and the next time I make these I won't use as much polyfill. I feel the eggs should be flatter. I wonder if I can make felt scrambled eggs?

Here's a pop-tart. This one is not stuffed, it's simply two layers of felt sewn together. I discovered along the way that it's best to put all of the embellishments on before you sew the layers together. Yea, I was so not doing that at first. Luckily I thought of it before too long so the sewing on of the beads was pretty easy. I gave it a face because it looked like it needed one. Next time maybe not so much with that.

As for the strawberries.. well the easiest bit was sewing the "seeds" on. The berries themselves started out as half circles. Go figure!

All in all I had a super cool time making this food. I bombed out on the toast, so that may very well be an upcoming blog post with the method from start to finish. The three dimensionality of it threw me completely.

I wouldn't mind finding a cheaper source for the felt either. This lot was excellent quality but after seeing how much I could get out of a 9x12 piece I'd like to spend a little less per sheet. If you have a source.. lemme know!


op ed

8:55 AM

here's where I'll review a plethora of things!


I dig it

dr who

6:44 AM

I became a Dr. Who fan a couple of years ago when the SciFi channel started showing the new series. Dr. Who goes back to the early 60's and though I've tried to watch a few clips of episodes on youtube, I can't say I was a fan of the early years.

I was instantly grabbed up by the 9th Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston and was horrified to find out that at the end of his first year run he was going to regenerate into some other Dr. My God, NooOoOOo!!!!!! A 10th Doctor? NO!!! Who could be better as the Doctor!?!?

As it turns out, David Tennant...for five seasons. Now we have to say bubye to him (dammit) and say hello to the 11th Doctor. Before watching this I was doing the whole deja vu thing thinking no one can even come close to Tennant. I was saying things like "I don't care who they put in it, it just won't be the same" and "Gawd, they always ruin a good thing" and "I doubt I'll ever watch it again!" But, I watched this preview and now I'm saying things like "Oh, ok. I'll give it a whirl, but don't expect me to love it as much!"

Here's a quick article from the UK Daily Mail about the ending of the 10th Doctor. You can watch the vid there too, or you can just check it out below.



gone to the dogs

11:21 AM

Here are my dogs!

Frankendog  has the flowery eyes.  I don't know why flowers except they were beads I had and I was feeling it. This is my very first attempt at a sock animal. I must say he looks better in the photo than he does in person but I'm okay with that.  His head flops in an altogether sickening way. I'm not so okay with that part. He currently resides in a basket on top of a very tall bookshelf.  (This insures I will only ever see his head at the one angle)

This is Dead Dog - he's the very next sock animal I made. I have this really cool book called Sock and Glove that has super easy instructions on making sock things.  I realized too late I had sewn this guys head on sideways. A few days after this photo he became she and was made into a lamb that shortly after had her ass burned into a charred mess by a bedside table lamp.

I was sort of sad about that. She had a cute little dress on that I had made from a very expensive cloth napkin. Yep, I'm impulsive and impractical that way. The edges were already finished which was a big plus for me since I don't know how to use my antique sewing machine. 

I have made other animals since but none as nice. There was something about the quality of my husbands used socks that appealed to me. Well, ok, more that they had a nice bit of lycra to them and held their shape well.  Perhaps someday I will let a real dog play with them (after removing all the buttony/beady bits) and see if he notices he's chewing one of his own kind.

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