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I love to work with my hands. I love to make things. I don't have much patience. So the things I actually can make with my hands are usually not something I'd take a photo of and share. However, sometimes I do hit upon a fun thing, or maybe just a funny thing that I can share.

Before Christmas this year I went a lil' bonkers with felt and made a bunch of silly stuff including bacon & eggs, strawberries, a few farfalle, a cupcake lady, a poptart, a tea bag, some tiny animals, and two crinkly toys for my lil cousin Remy.

Where are the photos of these magnificent creations? Yea well... hindsight baby, hindsight. I will try to round up the bits I made for my little monkey and post a couple. Next time I will do it up right; tutorials and photos all the way through.

**Here are a few pics of the finished products - (Don't you love that you can come back and add stuff later?)


ArtFire Mother's Day Giveaway-May 2009!

10:57 AM

I found a very cool Mother's day giveaway to share with you.... running from May 3rd through May 9th.

Lori at Risky Beads has coordinated a fabulous Mother's day themed prize along with A Jewel Gift, Pretty Purse Designs, Soapsmith, Bijoux Designs For You, Lil Brit Knits, and Acadienne; all sellers on Artfire.

Of course I want to win.. there is a *fabulous* bracelet that I simply MUST have! But, I gotta share the love... so go on over to the Risky Bead blog follow the instructions and enter the contest. Just don't hate me when I win!

mwaaahahaa! >:)

Also.. each seller listed above is offering a 10% discount on items in their shops during the contest. I know! Cool, huh? Use this code: RBMAYAF10P** when purchasing!

Share the love and tell 'em Starr sent you.

Buddy Squirrel

10:28 AM

This is Buddy. He stopped by today to enjoy our marigolds.

But wait...he's noticed something.

The mother lode!

This looks like the ticket.

I...dont... think... I ... can... reach.....

Drat! Discovered!

We will meet again Bird Feeder!


I just bought....

10:02 AM

....that really cool midnight blue necklace for sale by ShySiren! If you scroll on down you'll see it on the right! I'm terribly excited, can you tell?

Don't feel like scrolling? That's ok.. here it is!

There's another in cerise, which I am trying really hard not to buy.. I only have one neck after all! Visit Shy Siren on Etsy here, or her website here. Sara rocks, and if you've followed my blog this isn't the first time I've mentioned her. :)

Share the love today!

what a birds nest

3:26 PM

Lily found this beautiful nest out back at my mil's house. She had to see inside so her grampa took photos for her. The mil said it's a Cardinal nest!

We have a lot of Cardinals but the trees are a good ways off from our deck and the chance of us seeing a nest near here are slim. Super glad she got to see one at the mils.

books and journals

Out of the workshop...

9:34 AM

..and into the store!

New items have gone up on both Luna Arcana and Luna Arcana Too! So check out new spring jewelry and supplies. More to come as I crawl out of the workshop. :)

In other news, with the onset of spring we have gussied up our deck with plants and bird feeders . My daughter loves to watch the birds that come to the feeders, so I decided that we should keep a birding journal together. Instead of buying a notebook, I brought my search for just the right book to Etsy and was not disappointed in what I found...the perfect journal! Check it!

This gorgeous re-purposed journal was made by Secretary Mouse. Here's a look at the inside before I got my hands on it:

and now after I started personalizing it:

The inside of the book contains two good-sized envelopes which will be perfect for keeping feathers or drawings, or completed monthly pages. In the above photo I've just added some flair to the front of it.

See that beautiful piece of ribbon? That was what my journal came wrapped in!! Being that it was a perfect match for for this book I turned it into a bookmark and added a super cool pendant that I got from Anomalous Bits back in October.

Here's a pic of one of the pages:

Here you can see that some of the pages of the original birding book were placed inside. I cannot even tell you how much in love I am with this journal. Reina did such a fantastic job of not only figuring out which of the original book pages to keep, she added scrapbook paper that compliments the book amazingly well! And I will also mention there are awesome map pages too. This book will wind up being a family heirloom that I can pass on to my daughter. Each of the pages I have added are removable and fit perfectly inside the envelopes. So she will be able to continue using this book for many years to come.

Huge thanks to Reina at Secretary Mouse for her insight and creativity... I cannot imagine I would have ever found anything more perfect. Check out her shop!

Oh, and here's a photo of the corner of our deck taken on a rainy day this past week.

We are providing quite the buffet for the birds!


Twenty-three Squidoo!

7:58 AM

I discovered Squidoo the other day and have decided to make some lenses. It's a pretty interesting place and has a lot of information and seems like a great place to network and get yourself 'out there'.

So, check out my in progress, first lens here, which features Luna Arcana on Etsy and will expand to include other lenses by me as well. My second lens is all about shouting out to other Etsians, just like this blog. :)

There are so many exciting ways to present on the 'net and I love checking them out! I will be sure to give feedback on Squidoo as time passes in case anyone else is interested.

Share the love :)

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