tuesday no etsy!

6:27 AM

I'm having some computer problems and I hope you'll bear with me while I'm off line for a bit.

I hope to have them worked out in the next few days!

Share the love while I'm gone :)

art by norm

sunday on etsy - with monday!

3:53 PM

I was so busy yesterday I never got a chance to sit down and blog! EEK!!! My day certainly didn't feel right without my Etsy & coffee. I feel like a circus performer who can't juggle. There are just so many things I want to do in a day and not enough time. I know everyone feels this way on occasion, right?

So let's shout to juggling!

Deb's Random Art has this super cute retro Felix the Cat.

He's doing it, why can't I?

Zyphlat's got juggling down to a science with these Flaming Balls of Doom!! That's right, DOOM!!!

Naturally you've got to be an expert to use these. I mean a serious expert. I never thought I'd see anything remotely like this on Etsy, which is why I love it so!! Seeing this just had me cracking up this morning.

And finally, Art by Norm has this precious print called Float.

I'm not a huge fan of clowns, they totally freak me out. BUT! This print is just darling. It makes me want to try juggling bubbles too! You can visit Norm on his blog too, he has got it goin' on and is full of mischief and whimsy!

Share the love and take some time just for yourself today!


saturday on etsy with plums!

6:35 AM

I love plums, most especially this kind..

...and the firmer the better, because it means they'll be tart. I love a tart plum. Yum!!

So today is about plum on Etsy!

Kit Mit has plum in this super awesome wrist warmer!

The color combo is gorgeous and I especially love the detail. These would be perfect for us here in the south, where it gets chilly enough to want to keep your hands warm, but not so cold that you need a full glove or mitten! Kit Mit also has reversible headbands in funky fun fabrics!

Leaves of Glass is doing plum vintage, with this gorgeous Phenomenon bracelet.

Leave of Glass is also a blog shout out for me, she's been in my reader for quite some time! There is something so alluring about this kind of jewelry. The vintage quality is there sure, but there's something else. I can't really put my finger on it. It's like something from a dream. You can also check out the Leaves of Glass blog.

Art Kitten is doing plum blossoms on this multi-purpose blank book.

Guest book, photo album, journal. Whatever need you have, this book will fill it. Art Kitten will also customize the cover for you! I love hand bound books. I've always been drawn to them and the colors on this book are in right now. Who doesn't love a plum blossom!

Ok, time to share the love :)


friday on etsy with bags and bags

6:35 AM

I love bags. I love containers. I love things in which you can put other things. If I was any more of a pack rat I swear I'd have whiskers! So, I'm always scoping out new things to put my things in.

I also like that we are in the age of the messenger bag, because I love a bag that you wear across your chest instead of just over your shoulder.

So today, a tribute to many kinds of messenger bags.

Mandinka is doing messenger in repurposed fabric, like this Mr. Mooney No1908 bag:

You all know how I feel about repurposing! Great quality suits meet super craftsmanship in this very hip bag. Check out Mandinka's shop, they have all kinds of bags made from all kinds of awesome suits!

Yummy Pancake is doing messenger bag meets breakfast with Mr. Toastee!

This is head explodingly cute! Visit Yummy Pancake's blog for more crochet fun! You can even travel back in time by visitng this post! Whoamg! It's TOAST!

Ella Since OSix is doing messenger retro with vintage fabric, on bags like Vicky!

Ella has the most gorgeous vintage fabrics I've seen in a long time. She's hanging in the Netherlands and selling her fabulous bags in shops throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany! Check out her website for serious vintage eye candy, several sizes of bags to choose from, and a bit of tapestry too!

Share the love!

knit and crochet

thursday on etsy

6:13 AM

Today is a pounce day! I spent quite a lot of time in 'undiscovered' but I found something pretty cool in 'just sold' to share.

Five Trees makes these ring catchers, which is not something I've seen before!

Very clever and a grand choice of colors. Five Trees cites the inspiration for this color combination as the sea coast of Maine. Having been there, I agree 100%! I also love that it wouldn't scratch the top of my dresser. It's perfect for those bits of bling you wear every day.

Now hang on to yourself because she also makes critters like Priscilla.

Does that face not just make your heart melt! Each critter has it's own story too, to help you get to know just who you're adopting! Here's a quote about Priscilla:

As her name might suggest, Priscilla is a wee bit prissy. . . not that she would be happy if you described her that way. She hates dirt and puddles and especially then hates cars or buses that move swiftly while hugging the curb on rainy days, splashing anyone standing within three feet of the edge of the sidewalk. Very bad behavior, indeed.

I love the personalization of these cuddlies and naturally admire the ability to create such cuteness.

That's it for today folks, just the one. Makes it super easy to share the love. ;)


wednesday on etsy

7:36 AM

I love finding things on Etsy that are not what they appear to be at first glance. I came across a photo this morning of a lovely little floral arrangement. When I clicked on the picture itself I discovered that these pretty flowers are doing double duty!

Ya, they're pens!! Really? They don't look like pens!

Potted Pens creates these by hand from silk flowers and decoupages the pots they come in. I love these.. what a great gift! And what a clever crafter. :)

I also found this gorgeous arrangement and thought it was just representative of something made for a bridal bouquet.

Yea, they're clay. Yep. Clay. Look again, can you tell?

Petal By Petal makes these flowers petal by petal out of clay. I cannot even believe these are clay. Petal By Petal does custom work and promises to make your dreams come true! I think she can!

Share the love. :)


tuesday on etsy - wow!

8:08 AM

Today I wanted to wow you all with fabulous Etsy finds that are like no other finds I've shown before. This is tougher than you might think!

So, instead of me scouring Etsy like a detective on the job, I decided to search Etsy with the word "wow". Let's find out together what comes up :)

Kerri Hale caught my eye with these uber fabulous Sea Mist chalcedony earrings!

The color really is a "wow" and her shop is filled with similarly lovely items. Read about Kerry on MySpace and view more photos of her work and Vermont (love it there!) on Flickr. (pssst, check out Blue Pacific too!)

Jeannie Bags has this very cool diaper bag with colors that say wow!

This is on the tip of the iceberg, Jeannie's Bags has super stylish handbags, totes, and even fabric. Check her out!

And finally, Verre Design by Patricia Wood caught my eye with this Wow Necklace colors too!

Verre Design has beautiful jewelry, so check out the shop and also visit the website for in depth info.

So, searching "wow" was not at all what I thought it would be. There were some World of Warcraft items (being that it's called WoW by the masses), dogs, native American items, and some really weird stuff. I love to learn something new every day! :)

Share the love! :D


sunday on etsy

6:44 AM

I worked with a gal years ago who had a joie de vivre that was really something to be admired. One of the many things I learned from her was to embrace the things I disliked doing by adding a bit of flair to the whole affair. For instance, whenever I do housework I wear a tiara. Really really!

So I'm shouting out to my friend Stacee who has taught me to let out that inner princess/goddess/diva and embrace her at the silliest of times. I hope you'll think about doing the same!

Fairy Couture captures my love of fantasy with this Wings of Flight Fairy Crown.

How could you feel anything but spectacular while wearing this? Naturally it's meant for an occasion, nay an event. But you could wear it anytime, anywhere!

Look at this beautiful Fairy Flower tiara!

To read more about this mother/daughter team visit their website, Fairy Court Creations.

Now if you're looking for something more traditional, then Anca Pe'elma has just what you need; this stunning Marcasite Headpiece.

Or, you can go for a very formal flowered tiara like this one!

For the full low down on Anca Pe'elma designs, visit their website!

No matter what type of tiara you choose or what occasion it's for, you can't help but feel special in something so beautiful.

Share the love with yourself today and embrace the inner beauty of you!


saturday on etsy with hope & charity

6:59 AM

Another Saturday! That makes 10. It's an anniversary of sorts. What I need is a commemorative photo of my blog! Yes!

That makes Hope Studios my first pick, with this hand painted memory frame.

It would be silly to put a photo of my blog in there, but it's fabulous with a face in it! This from Hope Studios;

I create my custom Heartsongs frames from a solid piece of pine. I measure, cut, sand, distress, antique, and hand paint each one. Hangers and dust covers are attached to the back and ribbon photo corners are affixed within the shadowbox. I work in a smoke free, animal free environment. No stencils or stickers are used and color, size, font, and quote are custom.
In addition to the beautifully hand crafted frames, Hope Studios sells Wish necklaces like this Shamrock:

The description of the items is better than anything I could write about it. :) Here's a quote:

Make a wish and tie the necklace around your neck...when the string wears off your wish will come true. Some people call it "the secret", the power of positive thinking can indeed bring good things your way!

Not only do I love the necklace and the idea behind it, but I love the packaging as well. Jennifer at Hope Studios has got it going on!

Jennifer also has a blog, which I visited and got the mother of all flashbacks. She has a song playing when you land on the page which took me back to about 1975 and has left me feeling warm and fuzzy for my childhood. Thanks for that one!! Share the love with this gal, she has got it all and it's packaged beautifully :D

My other pick for today is a Charity pick; Donna Pellegata who creates fArCiCaL fOlK ArT like this Turbulent Tea Tray:

and this Finesse of the Feline Fanny print:

Donna is a member of Etsy For Animals which sells donated items from Etsy sellers and donates the proceeds to various animal charities. In addition to belonging to that Etsy team, Donna also donates a percentage of each of her own sales; each listing specifies the percentage and charity the proceeds will be forwarded to.

You can also visit Donna at her blog and her website.

Talk about sharing the love! Now it's your turn!


friday on etsy with a clickety clack!

4:28 AM

Clickety clack! Growing up we had and old typewriter. It was considered old back then; you couldn't even plug it in! Oh the horror!! It looked just like this one (though we had the green model).

My brother has spent money over the years to have it refurbished. Probably good that it didn't go to me after we grew up. Can you imagine ever using something so archaic? lol.

What I love about vintage typewriters is what people are doing with them now.

Rockwell 23 has The Urge To Adorn, and they do it well with this no glue bracelet:

This from their website...

By using our own custom findings that are securely fastened directly to the keys, you are guaranteed a very durable, clean-looking and high quality bracelet that we're sure will make a great conversation piece.

Visit What's Your Type? for more information about their jewelry. They do custom orders as well!

Keys and Memories is using keys for earrings and even cufflinks!

Now guys can take the homemade pledge and be trendy too! ;)

Luna Clay Designs is making these lovelies;

which have a perfect air of romance and mystery and a Fae quality. I love it! You can visit Luna Clay at their website, see their photos on Flickr, and at Domino Effect here on Etsy, where Diana sells game piece art!

I love clever crafty people who can see an old typewriter and think, "accessories!"

Share the love! :D


thursday on etsy

7:09 AM

There is an image in my head of a kitchen. It's not my kitchen; mine is actually not considered a kitchen. It's sort of tucked into a corner and trying to be a kitchen. It fails most of the time.

I remember my Aunt Roses kitchen. What Sicilian doesn't have an Aunt Rose? :) She had a gorgeous sapphire blue Italian tile floor. They were small ones, maybe 3 inch square. And she had pipes running through underneath so the tiles were never cold in the winter. My Aunt Rose was one super classy lady, and she had an eye for style and flawless taste. She died last year and I've been missing her a lot lately. So, today I'm thinking of her, and I'm sharing a few things that I know she would have loved to have in her kitchen.

The first shop to catch my eye is Miss Natalie. She has this beautiful tea towel!

This is just the kind of thing I would have found in Roses kitchen, neatly folded over the oven handle. Not only do I love the tea towel, I love the composition of her photo... it's a lovely still life.

Natalie is very talented and has an array of items in her shop. You can also visit her at her blog or her website.

Then there's Blue Sky Pottery and this hand made french butter keeper.

This is the kind of thing Aunt Rose would have on her counter, tucked into a little corner, but very much well loved and well used.

Deb makes awesome pottery and features everything you could possibly need for your kitchen. She even has a jewelry section!!

Last I found Revo, Revolutionary Design Studio. He has the most flawless blown glass pear I've ever seen. Look!

This beautiful glass pear would have been in her kitchen window, which looked out over her back yard. I can only imagine how lovely the sun would look shining in through this sculpture.

Anthony's work can be seen in over a hundred galleries nationwide. You can visit his website for more information on his art.

Well, those are my pics for today and I hope you enjoyed them. Now go share the love! :D


wednesday on etsy

7:34 AM

Happy hump day everyone! We've made it halfway through the week! Is that cause to celebrate? Perhaps! We're alive and breathing, and that's always a happy thing. :)

On to today's fabulous finds!

Oktak Designs makes handbags and pouches. Here's a bright and cheery frame pouch.

I love the colors in this one and I love a frame pouch. Oktak makes them in sizes ranging from small to extra large, and even has eye glass pouches! See?

I would be so hip with this pouch, that it would be considered advanced hip! Oh! And check out this super market tote!

You can also visit Aki at the Oktak website, and on flickr.

Rocklen Designs makes super cool wire jewelry. I love these Stormy Wave earrings.

And I also love this Amber Chain necklace!

Having worked wire with a jig, I know how difficult it can be. However, the jewelry at Rocklen is not made using a jig, it's done by hand! Look!

I bow down to this wire working artisan.

That's it for today. I hope you enjoyed the picks and will share the love with these very talented people!


tuesday on etsy without ads!

7:03 AM

Last night I was Stumbling around the internet and came across a site called Browser Shots. It lets you take a snap shot of any website you want and it shows you what it looks like in like a gazillion browsers. I only use Firefox and so was intrigued to see what Grandia looked like to other people. Well, it's a good darn thing I did! I had absolutely no idea that my title bar had a block for ads in it, nor did I realize there were ads below the title bar! (Hip hip huzzah for adblock)

I know it must seem weird that I don't want ads on my blog. Everyone's doing it, everyone wants to make money. This site, however, is about featuring Etsians and their hand crafted items, not some random google silliness. That's for some other site!

So we are now ad free here at Grandia Road! YAY!!

On with the shout outs!

Junque Revival has amazing found object art, like the Yellow Sands

and Wicked Creature

You can visit Jessica at her blog Sweetpeas.

Battlemaiden Studio has beautiful watercolor artwork. I just love the fantasy genre. My favorite is Faerie of Autumn

There are also beautiful zodiac related items, like Leo the Lion.

You can visit Valerie at the Battlemaiden Studio Blog , where you can also learn about all the other places she lives on the web!

Imogene And Annie has lovely nouveau jewelry like these earrings.

This Tree is my favorite.

Imogene and Annie also has a shop called Vintage Bead Boutique , which I just go nuts over! And visit Annie's blog, Imogene.

Jellybeans! This art is so pretty in it's simplicity. (Which does not necessarily mean easy!) I love Pink Inspiration.

And I also love Apple Tree.

You can visit Angie at her JellyBeans Art blog or at her online portfolio.

Go and share the love today! :D

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