art and photography

saturday on etsy

6:07 AM

There are many talented photographers out there and many of them selling their beautiful work on Etsy.

Saturday is a day for undiscovered talent and spring is about flowers yes? Here is a combination of both! Laughing Dog Photography has this stunning photograph called Different.

I love the soft pinks and the over exposure on the center flower. The photo has an heirloom quality that is just lovely and soft and gentle and feminine.

Fallen Queen is another of my favorites. I love the edginess (lol. is that even a word?) of it. Can a photo be shabby chic? If it can, that is what this one is to me. I suppose heirloom is a kinder word to describe photos that look old but aren't? Either way, the photo is fabulous and I would love to find out how it was done. (Silly me. Naturally it wouldn't matter if I did know.. I just don't have the talent for it! lol)

April has a great start on Etsy! I'm sure as time goes by we'll see more wonderful work from her.
I hope you'll visit her and share the love.


friday on etsy

8:49 AM

Today is a fabulous day to celebrate my favorite color, purple. I love it in all it's hues and shades and instead of featuring one person today I am featuring purple!

Please visit all these fabulous crafty folks and share the love with them!


I'm not code savvy enough to be able to keep the java image with all it's fabulous links to each shop. As soon as I enter a new favorite, the mini changes! So I am going to leave you with a permanent image but you will need to search for the seller name on Etsy. There is no guarantee that the item you see here will still be for sale when you visit. Thanks for understanding!

knit and crochet

thursday on etsy

9:04 PM

Remember when I said I could sort of crochet? Ha! I have just found out that I did not even know the meaning of the word. That is not usually the case by the way. I always thought I had a relatively good vocabulary. Truly! I play scrabble (I once got a double triple score with Jonquils!) and can do the New York Times crossword puzzle! (Ok, not in pen, but still!)

I did a post a few days back about a Cape Cod sign. And I got to thinking again about how much I love the Cape and how much I miss visiting. I know it's all changed and grown and probably nothing at all like I remember, except in the wild bits like the beaches way out in Truro. Or maybe it isn't "way out in Truro" anymore at all.

So, with Cape Cod on the brain I searched Etsy today and found Annie Briggs, who resides on the Cape. She has a very happening shop on Etsy. She also has a lovely website chock full of information. It was here that I read her Bio and suffice to say that I felt a kind of kinship with her.

So today's blog is about Annie's items, which she lovingly makes by hand and are probably the most stunning representation of crocheting I have ever seen. Like, ever.

First is her Shimmering Cotton Tunic which whispers romance and femininity.

After goggling at this for about three minutes, I then proceeded to find her Cropped Jacket, which is smart and flirty and perfect with just about anything.

Remarkable, no? There is a level of professionalism here that I don't feel I can articulate properly. As silly as it sounds when I say I can only make blankets that don't require any pattern because the patterns read like Greek, it really is true. I believe this level of craftsmanship is amazing.

I hope you will at least stop by Annie's Etsy shop or her website and let her know how completely out of this world she is.

Go now! Spread the love! She is inspiring.


wednesday on etsy

6:53 AM

The window near my desk looks out on our back porch which is quite large. We have a beat up (beyond Shabby Chic even) red picnic table that is covered in all sorts of flower pots. Most of them are experiments for our 5 year old. On the railing hangs a bird feeder.

I love birds. Another hand-me-down interest genetically programmed by my mom. The neighbors to our left have 5 bird feeders. Yes, five. They even have thistle seed to attract the finches! The neighbors on the right of us (the parents of the neighbors on the left) have 7 bird feeders. *sigh* We hung our feeder so our daughter, (hereafter referred to as Milo, which is what she calls herself. (?) I dunno!) would be able to learn the local bird species and so our cats would have some tv to watch. When we do get a bird they stop and look left, then right, and fly to one of the neighbors offered up to either side of us. *big sigh*

How does one compete with the a dozen other bird feeders in all shapes and sizes offering up specialized seed? For goodness sake it's like a posh buffet at the Bellagio!

Well guess what! I found a way to compete!! Thanks to Bacon Square Farm the answer to our problems is called the Rustic Saltbox Birdhouse.

We've proven that our neighbors can out feed the birds, but can they out house them? I think not! Looking at this birdhouse I am tempted to say "the hell with the birds, when can I move in?" This beautiful bird house was made on their converted farm in Minnesota.

This from Bacon Square:
We'd like to believe we are making heirlooms for future generations that will be handed down for years to come or found by a child playing in grandma's attic.

I think they are achieving their goal. Just look at this French Cottage:

I think the birds would be fighting to live in these. Perhaps we would have to have applications and check references! ;)


tuesday on etsy

10:40 AM

What started out as a lazy morning got busy fast and I am only just getting a chance to sit down! Of course that's good news, don't ya know.

I love the color green. It might actually be the one thing that keeps me from going nuts here in the south, because in spring and summer everything is green and winter is short.

In the spirit of green and nature too I found this pendant from Diffraction to share with you.

I looked at this for a while and wondered how she was able to fix that leaf so it would last long enough to be jewelry and even be sturdy enough. Well, that shows you how well I do when presented with something outside the box as it were.

It's a photograph. Totally awesome use of the noggin to be able to take such a lovely picture and make it into something you can wear!

This is a new shop and as yet "undiscovered" in Etsy terminology. I don't think it will be long if Diffraction keeps turning out lovely bits of art like this! Oh, and by the way, there's matching earrings!

Just beautiful! I am looking forward to fall.. imagine the colors she will have then!


monday on etsy

7:14 AM

Pounce, pounce, pounce! I pounced for over an hour today. Good god! It's almost as bad as my Stumbling habit, which can keep me up way into the night searching for toothpicks for my eyelids so I can get in just one more Stumble!

So today I found this Patchwork Frenzy pillow from Doodlebug Finery. How can you not love that name?

I'm a big fan of patchwork, which again, looks easy to do but isn't at all. One more crafty person that belongs in the 'Clever Crafty People, Unlike Me' group. Darn it! This is a log cabin pattern, which the m-in-law suggested I try when I thought I might want to get into quilting. When I saw how much math was involved...(yes math!) I became apoplectic and decided it was best left to the experts.

I love the color combinations in this pillow, the fabric patterns, the whole darn thing. It's eye candy you can rest your head on! I'm betting it's soft and lovely to touch too.

Doodlebug Finery makes all sorts of wonderful things for little ones, though I would bet my last penny that those buying her items are buying them as much for themselves as they are for the tots! Oh, wait, I can't use my last penny, that's for something pretty for me. How about my second to last penny? ;)

Go visit Doodlebug Finery and if you don't have an adorable tot to buy something for, why not pick up a Sock Dog for yourself?

Stay! Good dog!

felted wool

sunday on etsy

9:16 AM

Good morning! It's a beautiful day here in the South!

Since I have been on Etsy I have noticed several hand crafts that I would like to try. One of them is felting. As you know from my felted purse write up from last week, I just love felted wool. I do not knit and I can sort of crochet.. well, enough to make a blanket but not well enough to follow a pattern! (Have you seen them? It's like Greek!)

So, clever and crafty people (not me) knit or crochet things from wool and make felted bags, socks, gloves, hats, scarves, etc. Then there are some clever people thinking outside the box, like Valerie at Valerie's Gallery. She turns her felted wool into things like this "pottery" called Simply Nature:

I cannot stand how beautiful this is and similarly how lovely everything else in her shop is as well. She even has felted bracelets! Oh my god! They're fabulous and I want at least 10 of them!!!

I talked to my mother-in-law who knits (and is in the Clever Crafty People, Unlike Me group.) and we discussed attempting to felt beads. A likely choice for me since I like to make jewelry!

Well, we got together some wool that she had left over from a felted purse she made and we downloaded some instructions from the internet and then went to our separate corners and tried to make some beads! Easy yea? The instructions were simple, well laid out, and it look super easy. Right on!

Two hours later I had myself 12 lumpy dice-sized balls of wool, that upon closer inspection were just clumps and not truly felted at all. The m-in-law had similar results. We are chalking that failure up to us pulling fibers from already spun yard instead of using roving. If you looked at the wiki that I linked there, you'll see that it is a lot easier to imagine felted anything coming from roving than it is to imagine it from a skein of yarn. So we have not yet given up, but I'm much more appreciative (bordering on awe quite frankly) of anyone who can felt.

So Valerie, who you can also visit on her blog Felted Treasures, gets my Sunday spot for her jaw-dropping felted vases, pottery, and remember I said she makes bracelets?
Look at this Purple Passion bangle set!


Also, to further impress, Valerie doesn't use patterns. She creates every single item by hand. That makes every single thing she makes truly unique and one of a kind.
I wonder if she could be persuaded to adopt me? Hmm. Quite unlikely as she has a family of her own.

Ah well. Still, you should visit her shop even if it's just to see what lovely work she does. But I'm sure she's appreciate you buying something too. ;)

shabby chic

saturday on etsy

8:43 AM

A slow start this Saturday because I spent an inordinate amount of time on Etsy trying to choose something! This always happens to some degree but never quite like this! There are just so many clever people out there!

Today I'm featuring something that fits into two of my favorite categories! Vintage and container! This is from folk artist Lenae May and it's called The Betsy Box.

Isn't it marvelous? I really, really want one! (So feel free to convo me on Etsy if you want to buy it for me! lol)

This is actually a trinket trunk and the artist had this to say:
Bureau Trinket Trunks are an artistic rendition of the vintage dresser jars which not only housed little lovelies but were also delicious objects of decoration.
I simply adore each and every one of the items in her shop and I think you will also! Here is another picture!

What makes these boxes extra special is that they are from a very exclusive artist community called Windlewood. They are a group of artists from all over the world. With Lenae as the executive visionary for the group you will love every moment you spend on their site!

So hurry over to her Etsy shop and buy something lovely for yourself!


friday on etsy

8:39 AM

Today was a pouncing day. I love to pounce on Etsy, it's super easy. Just click 'pounce' from the main menu and choose 'just sold' or 'undiscovered'. I love the undiscovered section because I get to see brand new things!

Look what I found today at Artisanne:

I love sea glass. I have a bag full from Corona Del Mar. Doesn't that sound romantic and wistful and lovely?

I'm pretty sure that the general population views it in this way: glass breaks, chunks get thrown out, find their way into the ocean, water wears it down, semi-polished chunks of beer bottle wash up on beach. Woo wee. Poor, poor general population.

For the rest of us there is sea glass. The stuff of romance and dreams. Small pieces of history that have traveled the world. These are bits of memories that have endured the ocean to deposit themselves among tide pools or between rocks, just waiting to be found by the romantic soul who searches the nooks and crannies of the rocky beaches looking for tiny treasures.

And that is how I feel about sea glass I found in California. Can you only imagine how I feel about the bits that come from Scotland?! *wistful sigh*

So, I came upon Anne today and I saw how lovely her pendants were and I thought.. now that is for today. Reading her profile, I know Anne is a sea glass soul mate of mine. She also has one item in her shop that she donates the proceeds from to Alzheimer's research. A wonderful thing to do.

Here's one more photo from her shop to tease you into going and seeing what she's got!

Besides Etsy, you can also see Anne's work on Flickr and Freespace. Oh, and did I mention that she likes Billy Joel? Perhaps she and I were once friends in another life. I am always in a New York State of Mind.

felted wool

thursday on etsy

9:26 AM

It's a beautiful day here in the South. We have the windows open and the cats are all watching "outside tv". The birds are chirping and spring has for sure sprung. Yet oddly, I find myself wishing it was autumn again. I know! I'm completely doodly jacked aren't I. So with this in mind I pounced along on Etsy and Manitoba Gifts, undeservedly undiscovered, caught my eye.

My favorite item among the many is the Pouch Bag in Pumpkin:

And since I have got into the habit of showing two pics.. (oo! more eye candy) here's a close-up:

I just love these colors! Look at the beautiful embroidery and hand crochet! My mom was adept at these things, crocheting with thread and quilling paper and all manner of clever, crafty things. I was always amazed and this bag reminds me of her.

So not only do I get gorgeous eye candy from this bag, I get fond memories of my mom as well!

Click on over to Manitoba Gifts and look at the gorgeous pillows, pin-cushions, and even the hand applique tea towels! All of them gorgeous. And as yet undiscovered. How is that possible?

Go now! Go! You won't regret the looking :D

books and journals

wednesday on etsy

10:07 AM

I belong to a pretty cool group of folks that sell items on Etsy. They're called Big Damn Crafters and they are fans of the Sci-Fi series & movie, Firefly & Serenity. I'm a fan myself and I hooked up with these good folks which is awesome. They are talented and helpful and they even set up screenings of Serenity for charity!

I didn't pounce today, instead I searched 'teambdc' on Etsy and picked one of the items that came up in the search results. (Notice I did not pick my own! lol)

So here is my pick for today. Handmade by Lady Artisan it's called Like A Glove:

Just look at the gorgeous details! What? You want to see more? Of course you do! Here it is!

Lady Artisan is into extreme multi-tasking. She has two other Etsy shops she maintains. One is for dolls & sculpting and the other is in conjunction with other bookbinders. Oh and her own website! I have all I can do to fill just the one shop and keep up with one blog.

So while I am busy ranting and raving about my own problems, Lady Artisan is putting together amazing journals. But let me tell you what is to die for about this particular journal. The leather for the binding was reclaimed from a fabulous pair of kid leather gloves that she found at an estate sale. I mean seriously.. who looks at a pair of gloves and says... "Oo! Binding!" Lady Artisan does, that's who and that's what makes her tons more clever than me!

Go visit, buy something pretty for yourself or someone you love so she can keep making beautiful books and rescuing old clothing to boot.

cards and paper

tuesday on etsy

4:59 PM

Today was another busy day. I didn't get a chance to do any designing for Etsy, but I at least thought about it. The Husband has been trying to get things organized for Luna and the move to eBay with that.

I did still find some time to pounce around on Etsy and get my daily dose of eye candy! And look at the gem I found! This is from Jolie Papier which has some very lovely items for sale. I love paper and am totally jealous of this clever and crafty chick!

I love the tags she has and did you know there's just a ton of things you can do with them? You can add them to scrapbook pages, add a bit of elegance to a gift, use them as fancy place markers for a dinner, use them as name tags in a photo album, hang them from a bulletin board to give it some oomph, gather up several styles and frame them as a beautiful picture, hang them from a picture frame corner to add a bit of interest, etc etc I could go on!

And to prove that this girl is crafty, she has a second Etsy site! And as long as I'm plugging, let's not forget her blog.

Ok, one more pic I couldn't resist.. she does cards too!

I just love cats! I have four and this reminds me of them. They are always hanging out together and I like to think they're happy. lol. Who knows? Maybe they're plotting my death.

I'll be posting some pics of them over on the family life page. The Husband got some good ones this past weekend.

Better dash, it's almost time for wednesday!


monday on etsy

5:33 PM

Monday. Rainy days and Mondays... I don't like Monday's... so many songs about Mondays and most all of them sad. That's why *my* week starts on Sunday! :D

Today I pounced on a very cool item on Etsy. I love "Shabby Chic" and I love that things are called shabby chic. I love that someone was so clever to call things shabby chic instead of used, or old looking, or falling apart. Someday I may coin a phrase. Wouldn't that be cool?

This item comes from Signs By Diane. She's rockin' out working at home and doing what she loves with her husband. Oo, me too! :D She's got quite a bit going for sale and will accept custom orders too! You cannot ask for more than that!

Cape Cod is my favorite:

There are a a few reasons it's my favorite. First, I grew up in New York, but most summers were spent on The Cape and it remains one of my favorite places in the world. The Cape is like it's own little planet during the summer (maybe the winter too, I've not been then) with a swelling of people and sounds and one just becomes full of sand and summer and ocean air. Plus, they have dunes there (not found on the west coast!) with clumps of sea grass and wind and salt aged wood. I could go on forever and ever about it. But I'm here talkin' about Diane's sign!

So not only do I love this sign because it reminds me of a fabulous place, but it's so kitschy and chic and I can see this sign in any number of places in my home. Can't you? If you don't have the whole "Cape Cod obsession" like I do, you could have your own made.. she does custom!!

Here's another one that caught my eye. Hmm I wonder why...

I really like Diane's style, and I think the fact that she makes custom designs is going to have her on the top of the list in no time.

Check out Diane, her groovy Shabby Chicness and buy a sign! (There are songs about signs too!)

felted wool

sunday on etsy

9:00 PM

Now that we have established my obsession with containers, I can post about another! (Yes, you had fair warning!) This one goes out to Mary at South End Blend who also enjoys a container. (Go visit her blog, she totally rocks and makes me look like an amateur. I'm cool with it though, I'm still learning!)

Ok so this one isn't quite considered a container as they go, (you know, not a hat box, or a bowl, or a Tupperware) but you can put things in it, which means I must have it. ;)

This gorgeous felted purse is from Lilith, Dori & Phoebes, three west coast sisters who got it goin' on. My favs are the purses but they do have other thing as well.

Just look at this purse! Isn't it just darling? It is! This is the Zen in brown and Aqua

I had such trouble picking a purse to feature, they have so many cool ones! I ended up featuring this one because the colors somewhat match my web design palette which I borrowed from a fellow colourlover. See?

T, till Heaven :)
The colors range from earthy goodness to hip and vibrant. Just because I can't resist, here's one called Mildly Wild! This is also fabulous and now you see why I couldn't pick just one.

Go visit these very talented sisters and take home one of their purses. They're gonna fly out of that store!


saturday on etsy

8:54 PM

Have I mentioned how much I love a container? I have a very hard time passing up any kind of container; no matter if I have nothing to put in it.

My favorites are baskets. Not the cheesy wicker kind you can find anywhere but the really old, vintage ones that stand the test of time. I have some wicker baskets that were my mom's over 30 years ago!

My second favorites are bowls. God, I love a bowl! And, I prefer my bowl sit empty too. Sure, it's handy having the container but it's much better to just look at the container. So, without further ado, I presents today's Etsy find by Moonraker Turning. The two-toned Madrone Bowl.

Just look at all that luscious wood! Look at the grain! My god, the color!! *swoon*. This bowl (that I just love and wish for!) is made from Madrone, which Nick Stagg, over at Moonraker, cleverly named the bowl.

There are a few things I like about Nick and his wood turning. First, he uses reclaimed wood whenever he can. I think that makes the pieces that much better. Old wood has a certain character that newer wood lacks. I think it's also pretty kind to the environment, which never hurts!

I also like that the natural wood grain is featured in his work, rather than a lot of wood turning I have seen where they are heavy on inlay and alternating wood colors.

Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, or perhaps just quirky (!) but I love real wood as close to the natural color as you can get.

Plus, I think Nick is pretty lucky that he gets to work with all this lovely wood all day long.

So go to Nick's shop or visit his website and check out all the lovelies!! And don't forget to make one of them your own!

softies and toys

friday on etsy

8:39 PM

Ok, so it isn't *quite* Friday, I'm getting a jump on tomorrow's busy schedule!

I found this adorableness by accident looking for something much less adorable which I didn't ever actually find. But, I didn't mind the detour at all... it led me to my new friend, Creamy Snuggle Bunny!

Look at that face! I just can't stand how cute this guy is. He has brothers and sisters too.. as all bunnies do, yes?

This Creamy Snuggle Bunny is made by Auntie Jill and I must must must have one! I don't care that I'm a grown person, or that my daughter would love it. She would have to fight me for it. Oh yes, did I mention I always win? ;)

Please visit Auntie Jill and check out her wonderful snuggle toys, you will want one too. Really!


thursday on etsy

7:08 AM

Ok, so by now you all know I am a complete spiral freak. I 'pounced' on etsy this morning in the undiscovered category and look what I found! These pendants are handmade by Michelle Steele at Infinite Charms. I have seen a lot of this type of thing being made and I think these are superior to what I have seen thus far. Don't you agree?

There are more designs at Infinite Charms so hurry on over and snatch them up! This is undiscovered, but not for long!


a really cool giveaway!

4:29 PM

I found the most exciting thing today. Natasha Wescoat is having a contest. You can read about it here:


What I love about Natasha's artwork is her use of colors. You all know what a color freak I am! Not to mention a spiral freak, which is why I'm completely excited to be able to enter her contest to win one of her fine art pendants. I'm nearly outside myself. I'll eventually land because I really never win anything. lol. Still too exciting for words.

I originally found Natasha on her Etsy shop and immediately set the pendant pictured above as a favorite. Dreamy Tree is also one of my favorites. I hope you'll visit Natasha on Etsy and on her blog. She's a fabulous artist!


Wednesday on Etsy

5:57 AM

Are hats coming back? I think women look classy and sophisticated in hats. I especially like this hat, made from fleece (toasty!) and gorgeous. Buy this hat and watch your sophistication quotient go up as soon as you put it on.

Available on Etsy from Anna Shoub, The Hat Junkie

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