front page goodness II

9:31 AM

Oh my gosh! The treasury I was talking about in my previous post, by Botanical Bird, made it to the front page and I subsequently sold the bracelet featured! How incredibly awesome is that!?

The bracelet I sold is on the far right of the second row. I'm so excited that one of my items made it to the front page!!! All my thanks go to Cyd at Botanical Bird for picking that gorgeous treasury..
Click on the pic to see a close-up!

Lots of love from me to Cyd. I hope you will share the love with her too!!


front page goodness!

9:13 AM

So I clicked over to Etsy today and found a featured item by someone I myself featured a while back. I'm so happy for him! The lucky item is this Like Mother, Like Daughter scarf set from David's Knits.

I'm so pleased to see him up there and I'll hope you'll go over and congratulate him. All Etsians desire that front page feature! Sadly Etsy doesn't have an auto notify when they feature someone (I know.. silly right?) so I sent him best wishes along with a screenshot.

Getting to the front page isn't exactly easy. Though my jewelry has made it to a few treasuries, I've never made it to the frontpage. (That I know of!) Here are a few tips to help you get into a treasury, which raises your chances of a front page spot!

1. Take fantastic pictures! See? I wasn't kidding around with all that photo stuff. lol
2. Use your team tags. If you belong to an Etsy Street Team, use the tags of that team. If one of your team members snags a treasury they very often include other members. The easiest way for them to find other members is by searching the team tag.
3. Use color tags. A lot of treasuries are themed by color.
4. Take a spin through the promotions section of the Etsy forums; people looking to fill treasuries often post there.
5. Create your own fabulous treasury. Go here. Once the amount of treasuries drops below 333 a new treasury will open up

Now mind you, I have never had a treasury I made make it to the front page. So what the hell do I know? lol!! I do know, though, that it's all about eye candy.

The Esty Front Page Treasury group on Flickr keeps track of screenshots, so you can browse back if you want, and look for your items. If you do make it to the front page, be sure to go here, and get promo buttons for your shop!

Remember to share the love with David. :D

ps: I don't usually have this kind of luck... one of my items was featured in this unbelievably gorgeous treasury by Cyd at Botanical Bird! View it here live, or below as a screenshot!


sunday on etsy is answering a question!

8:19 AM

I received an email the other day from a reader, asking me how I choose the Etsy items and their sellers to feature on my blog. So, while I work on my new look (yes! A new look for Grandia Road!) I thought I would take a few minutes to answer that question here.

The best advice I can give for picking items and selling on Etsy is to post clear photos!!

I can't tell you how many times I have passed over an item because the photo was blurry. I might love that item and really, really want to show it to you, but if the pic is blurry what's the point? If you can't see it, you can't determine if it's something you want to buy. I never buy anything if the pic is blurry. I want to be able to zoom right in and see everything; details to flaws!

I know we're not all professional photographers with the proper lighting and a studio and the artistic education and background. But! It isn't necessary. All that is required to sell your item is a good, clear, picture. Make that 5 good pictures; that's 5 chances to sell your item for every angle you can post.

I look for items that are featured, in focus, and are the center of attention. Having other items in the background can be distracting. As can using live models. There is a lot of discussion about that particular topic on the Etsy forums. I find myself looking at the person, not the item. My personal opinion is that human nature necessarily draws the eye to the person not the thing you're trying to sell. Are they making a goofy face? Is their hair sticking up? What color are their eyes? Are they pretty? Handsome? By the time you've gone through all those things in your mind.. are you even thinking about that item anymore? I'm sure not.

Composition! is everything as well! If you do it right you can create a scene that the viewer will want to jump right into. For me, it makes me want to buy that item all the more! Here's an example of what I mean.

I featured this bag by Carry Me Away in this post. I love this photo. Doesn't it look inviting? It made me want to live in the photo, carry that bag to the market, and eat that yummy fresh fruit. Super cool example of great composition!

If you do it wrong... ugh. In order for me to show you a good example of a bad photo I'd have to pick on someone and I don't really want to do that! Suffice to say if you pounce through 'undiscovered' you will see a lot of examples. That is not to say that all undiscovered sellers have undesirable photos!! There are a lot of people who get lost in the shuffle on Etsy.. not surprising since it is a super popular venue. But there is also a large percentage who just aren't keeping their photos and shops in general in good condition. That leads to my next criteria.

Information! Also key. I want to see a banner, an avatar, a profile, and a shop announcement. At the minimum. I have also passed over super neat items because there was nothing to talk about beyond the item itself. I can't personalize my feature if there isn't any information about the person who made it. You don't have to be a graphic artist to get a banner and/or an avatar. There are a gazillion free services and even Etsy sellers who will work you up some graphics in a pinch!

The profile is all you though. Tell me who you are, what you do, why you do it. Part of the charm of buying hand made things is to connect with the crafter. I recently featured Lara at Countryside Sayings. . She custom made me some totally rad blocks for the holiday, which I'll be posting photos of in the near future. She was as sweet as can be and I was her first sale and happy and proud to be it So we connected and I purchased and now she's had four sales! Can't you just feel the love!? Clicking on a cool item only to discover that there is no information other than a few items for sale is the second worst thing that can happen. What's the first? Bad photos!

Web presence! Not necessarily key, but a super fabulous bonus for me when I'm looking for people to feature. I love finding their blog or their website and linking to them. That's another way of connecting with people. So if there's a web presence listed in the profile or shop announcement I grab those links and post them here. If there isn't.. believe me when I say I go looking for it. If I find it I post it. Get yourself out there. Everywhere!

So that's all I've got for today. I hope it was informative and I hope anyone popping by will take it as it's meant.. to help and encourage. :)

In the meantime I'm working on a new look for the site so please bear with me if you visit and things look a bit wonky!

Share the love :)

friday on etsy is halloween!

8:05 AM

It's the spookiest day of the year! For anyone interested in the history behind All Hallow's Eve, click here. That kid of mine is off to a party tonight and she's going as a witch because she wanted to be scary. Mind you, she's anything but in her costume from Joann's. She's just too darn cute.

For anyone interested in my tagging yesterday, you can visit 17 Grandia for the post.

Have a Happy Halloween and too see the rest of the amazing Etsy Halloween lineup, click HERE!


thursday on etsy comes with a meow

8:08 AM

Those of you who follow me or anyone who reads the comments on my posts will see that I was tagged by Marcy at Studio Marcy. It seems a bit like a chain letter though perhaps friendlier because you share something of yourself in the process. So I will be responding to that tag over at 17 Grandia sometime later today and will link to it here. After all, this page is about you not me!

What would Halloween be without black cats? I have four cats, though not one of them is black. Etsy is a fine place to find black cats, it's obvious I'm not the only one who digs them. Check out what I found...

Zombie Kitty Mary Janes by Em And Sprout made me laugh out loud, so they get first spot today.

Seriously, when I saw these I laughed right out loud and immediately wanted them. Lindsay's shop is filled with similarly whimsical shoes in sizes 5 to 11. Em and Sprout are Lindsay's cats. That is kitty love for you! You can also see more of her designs over at her blog. I think my second favorite shoes are these, and I know my daughter would love to run around in them; she'd probably try to scare the cats. lol!

My next favorite for today is Penelope by Fall Down Tree.

Penelope's expression charmed me and I bet she has the same effect on you! Adam has amazing artwork that leaves me smiling with it's quirkiness and loving every piece. I tore myself away to see his blog, and encourage you to do the same. You can also visit him here, for amazing photography.

Last I picked Witch Cat by Paper Mathew.

I love the attitude on this cat! This particular piece is a print of his original artwork. It's made of paper! Well, of course the print is made of paper ( O.o) but so is the artwork! Yes, quite impressive isn't it. And unique! There weren't any sculptures in his shop but I wanted to see what else I could find. Google awarded me with a link to a site with photos of his sculptures. Definitely worth a look! The crow is my favorite. (What a shock, I know!) Hopefully he will post more information so we can learn more about him and his artwork.

Go out and share the love!


wednesday on etsy dedicated to a raven

8:10 AM

Ah the raven! I love black birds and have featured them in the past. Today I'm featuring them for Halloween and there are a gazillion of them on Etsy.

Browsing today though, I found a seller that is doing something pretty darn unique. Check out King Raven by Anomalous Bits!

This pendant is made of plastic, but it looks like glass! I just love this guy and he even has matching earrings. See?

Fabulous! There are literally so many designs to choose from I could spend hours trying to decide which one I wanted and in the end would probably wind up getting them all. They're just so cool. They are priced just right too, and that makes it even easier for me to justify buying at least one! ;) I'll be sure to let you know which one it is! (Did I mention she has a gnome?!)

Alistair by Optic Waste is my second pick today.

This silhouette is lovely and old fashioned and reminds me of photos I have of my great grandparents. There's even personal information about Alistair on the back. :)

This delights me to no end! Optic Waste has so many wonderful offerings and you can learn more at the Optic Waste website or blog.

So get out there and share the raven love! :D


tuesday on creepy crawly!

9:30 AM

Who loves a spider? Not me, that's for sure. In fact, Burries (the husband) stumbled on a horribly creepy yet hypnotic website that has a spider on it. Even I was mesmerized. Visit that site here. Be warned.. you will probably get 'the huzz' and freak out!

Let's see what creepy crawly spidery things we can find on Etsy, shall we?

Spider by Found Object Art doesn't give me the creeps at all!

Steve Anderson (go Etsy men!) has made this versatile spider to sit on a table, hang on a wall, grace a garden, or any other place you can imagine. After all.. if it gets rusty, it's just that much more beautiful!

I've always been fascinated by metal art. I think it's awesome that metal scraps can be make into something else, though I'm sure it takes a very clever brain indeed to find out just what. Steve's been welding since the 70's and is even working on getting his own forge. Click here to see what happens when lawn clippers go bad. LOL! You go Steve!!

Along Came An Arachnid by Beads In The Belfry is my second distinctly non-creepy spider.

Nina Jackson is the artist who made these lovely earrings from sterling silver. Another person clever with metal. Because the close-up doesn't really do these justice, look how delicate they really are!

Just like sparkly little spiders dangling from their webs. Fantastic! Nina has a gorgeous selection of unique and whimsical designs. She blogs here, and has been featured in DIY City Mag's DC Issue!

At last, I'm going to show you a super creepy spider. Remember that spider from up top there? That one that gave us all the huzz? This one will send us all to that fine little state of catatonia!

Spookyrumpus Scary Harry by Felt At Home is so darn cute my brain might just do that exploding thing!

SEE!? You thought I was kidding. That'll learn ya! He's so sweet and he's got that googally moogally feeling to him. Wanna see what he looks like on?

EEEK! lol. Phillipa has a plethora of amazing felted goodies including the most amazing purses! After much consideration I think I like this one best, but it was very hard to choose! You can learn more about Phillipa at her blog, or her myspace page.

Not so spooky after all, but wonderful picks just the same. Wait, what's that tickling your leg!?!??!!


monday on etsy... it's up for grabs

8:11 AM

Halloween is almost here! Are you ready for it? Have you purchased your candy? Your costume? Your decorations are up and looking SpOoKy!? Have your hostess gifts ready for those parties you're going to? There's still time... but not much, so hurry!

Today I'm doing a grab bag of sorts.. just some random Halloween themed items that I've seen during my searches and wanted to show you. I'm going to start with one of my favorite crafts; the one that proves elusive to me no matter how hard I try to do it...

Felted Pumpkin Pottery by Valerie's Gallery.

Now I know you can crochet or knit to make felted treasures like this cute little pumpkin. But try as I might.. it's an epic fail whenever I attempt it. But hey, I can't be good at everything and thankfully there are people like Valerie who are. That just means I can purchase these wonders guilt free. ;)

Valerie is a member of Etsy For Charity and they are celebrating their first anniversary. This is great for charity and great for you, everything in her store is 20% off. She is extremely talented and you will find many amazing things to ooh and ahh over. I promise. You *must* see these!

You can also visit Valerie at her Felted Treasures blog.

These Little Monsters by Goose Grease have been peeking at me for days now!

Michelle is offering free shipping today for any of her costume dolls. So now is the time to jump over and get a set! I know my daughter would love to play with these, and actually any of her costume dolls. These would make a wonderful gift for Halloween lovers young and old. Though not too young as they aren't meant for chewing! Visit Michelle at her website for more information about her and her family!

My last pick today is The Ghost Family by Lucky Bunny Lampwork.

How cute are these!? Here's what Kim has to say in the description:
"As you can see the little gray one has had a bit too much candy corn and has trouble standing on his own, much to the embarrassment of the rest of his family!"

It's personal touches like this that set Etsy apart. Kim is a talented lampworker and her shop has beautiful beads! You can visit Kim at her personal blog, or at her Etsy Finds blog where she shares her Etsy picks! I love that I can share the love with someone who shares the love. lol :D

Have a wonderful Monday! :)


sunday on artfully fine

7:31 AM

aSunday brings to mind keeping up the house, which makes me realize that I have some very bare walls. What better way to preserve Halloween all year 'round than to hang up some creEeEepY art!

With no further ado...

The Gang in Disguise by Creative Thursday!

Marisa has the most delightful characters, and I'm not the only one who thinks so, believe me! She blogs here and has a website here. And whoamg, she published her own children's book called Who Are You Going To Be Today, Olive? Look!

She is selling this book in both signed and unsigned copies. There are 16 autographed and numbered copies left, so if you want one.. hurry over and get it! Any and all of her work would be wonderful to own. She has just the right amount of whimsy and gentle spookiness in this print. You can get originals too! Love love love love Creative Thursday! :D

Next up is Halloween Boy by Scotti Taylor.

How cute is this? Is that a ghost across the moon? Or just a cloud? hmmm! Don't you love that it's up to your own interpretation? Scotti has a lovely shop filled with beautiful colors. 5% of her sales go towards Women For Women through

And here's Look NO HANDS by Blue Water Folk Art.

A little witch and her cat braving the skies together. Ahh. Sweet! :) Mollie has some lovely artwork and you can see more of it at her website here.

You know, I started out today meaning to show you the creepiest paintings and look what happened. I found delightful and only sort of spooky. It's amazing how many times that happens. It's my own little creative process I suppose. Perhaps tomorrow I'll feature the really creepy stuff, but for now I'm happy with the three I've chosen today :D

Share the love!

knit and crochet

saturday on etsy ... better bundle up!

7:16 AM

It's 59 degrees outside today and expected to be around 39 degrees tonight! That surely puts a different spin on the upcoming holiday! I have no memories of 'bundling up' for trick or treating, but I'm sure my mother must have insisted. So, if we have to bundle up let's do it in style!

So, technically not 'Halloween' but functional for the holiday; gotta keep those fingers free for trick or treating and those necks warm so you can stay out that much longer! ;)

First up, Autumn to Winter by Oh May.

Fantastically stylish. What else can I say about this set besides I want it? *Mind control* YoU WiLl bUy iT fOr mE!! */Mind Control* Oh May has been knitting for over 4 decades and her shop is hip and funky and amazing. Be sure to check out her fiber art jewerly!

Cashmere Crochet Handwarmers by Trendy Knitting is up next.

This color combination is my absolute favorite, right down to the lilac accent. Just gorgeous! I want these too! Don't make me use the mind control!! lol. Trendy Knitting also has the most fabulous shrugs. There are 43 at the moment.. so plenty to choose from. I love a shrug. Don't you?

Then there's the Alpaca Convertible by Debz Creations.

I just want to yell "STOP IT with your clever designs and gorgeously made products! I can't stand it and I'm so jealous!" But I won't. I will delight in the fact that there are so many, many clever crafters out there. And I will drool over every single creation. :) I mean come on, it's convertible! It's a mitten! No, it's fingersless gloves! No, a mitten! No, well you get the idea ;) Deb has a wonderful selection in her shop, something for everyone to be sure.

So.. are you warm and toasty now? I hope so! It's time for me to get cracking at my own little jewelry craft so I can have my shop filled for the holidays.

Enjoy today and share the love.


firday on etsy ...not tricks but treats!

7:22 AM

It's time to indulge ourselves in all that is sweet about Halloween! I mean besides our children in their little costumes. Never mind the costume, what's in that treat bag!?!

I remember when I was a kid trick or treating. You know, back when we went out alone and weren't afraid to knock on a complete strangers doors. Back when we had metal toys to play with and no one though they were unsafe; the kind where you actually could lose an eye! My candy was always poked and prodded beyond recognition by my ever protective parents and god forbid it wasn't wrapped! That went into the trash.. no stopping for a prod even. I loved the candy cigarettes, (WHAT? Who thought that was a cute thing for kids to imitate? lol!) and there was always Bazooka bubblegum and perhaps a package of Chuckles. My favorite was the Bit O' Honey which always, sadly, didn't make it past the prod phase. I think my mom liked those best. lol.

I'm looking forward to my daughters haul this year to see how much it's changed. Of course it's all very organized now in specific neighborhoods with excellent lighting and plenty of parental supervision. And that's the way it should be.. now that I'm a parent. :)

What kind of candy did you love when you were a kid?

So I found you some literal eye candy today, I hope you enjoy the selections!

First up is this DDS Apple from Adam's Apples.

Two wonderful surprises awaited me when I discovered this sinful treat. First, it's not an apple at all, it's a pear! I love pears! The second surprise was that Adam's Apple is run by two brothers. YES! Another male owned Etsy shop. The brothers promise that every ingredient is the best and freshest and I believe them. Also let me add their disclaimer: "Our Kitchen has nuts, nuts, nuts galore. Contamination is a very strong possibility. If you are allergic to any kind of nut products. Do not order!" I hope you aren't allergic and will click over right now... don't pass these up! YUM!

Next I found Kreepy Kids from A Sugar Affair.

How adorable are these sugar cookies?! Oh my gosh, I just love them. Lacie makes these and sends them out wrapped ready for giving as a gift. But! The best part is you can custom request your Kreepy Kid cookies by visiting her on Flickr and picking your designs! There are over 100 to choose from! Totally cool. These would be great as a party favor or for a Halloween birthday present! Or just because. ;) She also makes these delightful treats for your inner pirate! You know I love a pirate! There is also an allergy warning on these so please be away of that when you click over to buy. :)

Last I picked this Huge Halloween Basket from The Chocolate Tree.

This basket is full of yummy goodness in the form of chocolate covered pretzels, caramel apples, chocolate covered marshmallows, and caramel popcorn. You can customize your caramel apple selection too! This basket is great as a hostess gift for a Halloween party or for an office! And, this seller is still waiting for her first sale, so GO GO GO! Be her first customer!! Think how wonderful that would be. :)

There are many wonderful edibles on Etsy and I cannot wait til we get to the Christmas season so I can feature more amazing handmade treats. *drool*

Share the love and the treats!


thursday on etsy .. in disguise

7:10 AM

Wow! Costumes a plenty on Etsy today! So many wonders to choose from. I'm not mincing words today.. let's just get to the eye candy. :)

The first costume is The Rose Faerie Queene by Fairy Nana.

Positively enchanting. And made with top quality materials including Dupioni silk. The Fairy Nana has got it going on for sure.. one seriously hip grandma! Imagine having a maid of honor wearing this! Talk about fairy tale wedding! There are many other amazing costumes at her shop, oo like this mother and daughter set! Who would not want to wear something so ethereal and fantastic?

Now here's one for the kiddies! The Little Witch by Yaya Papaya.

I wish I had this for my own daughter... she looks an awful lot like the model! This is just so perfectly adorable. That hat just makes it! There are many, many more to choose from. Yaya Papaya is in the midst of getting these fabulous tutu's patented! And, more exciting than that, she is gearing up for Christmas! Why didn't they have this kind of stuff when I was a kid?

My last pick is the Red Vixen by Damsel In This Dress.

Now what I love particularly about this costume is that it's doing double duty (or even triple if you count weddings!) as a Halloween costume and/or a Ren Faire costume. I love the Ren Faire and if you haven't been to one you should really go. What a blast! There are a lot of wonderful offerings in the shop of this very talented damsel, even something for the pirate in you!

Once again Etsians come through for me with high quality and an originality that you just cannot find in mass produced stores! So as you're getting ready for your costume party this year, take a peek at Etsy and be inspired, or better yet.. buy something handmade!

Share the love!

wednesday on etsy for keeps...

6:45 AM

Keepsakes that is! In lieu of my showing tags for scrapbooks I decided to see what amazing photo albums and scrapbooks I could find for Halloween and let me tell ya, I was not disappointed. Once again I fight with myself to not click on "add to cart"!!

I hope you will have less self control. Yes, less! mwahahaha! >:)

The first album to catch my eye is Batty For You by Faerie Dust Dreams.

You're probably thinking "that's a box Starr!" Yes, it is! But check this out!

It opens up to an album! So not only can you enjoy the album you have a lovely box to display. It's so unique! I am loving this!! Michelle has some other very lovely styles, my favorite being this one. You can read more about Michelle and her lovely crafts at her blog here.

This Happy Halloween Paperbag Album by Brown Paper Packaging is super fabulous..

The embellishments on this album are particularly pretty and quite well placed. Look!

Just look at the detail! Very wonderful stuff! It's this attention to detail that I love about good crafters and envy like the dickens.

I also like this Goblins Mini by WhatchaMaDoodles.

I love the scalloped edges, such a nice touch! And the interior is lovely in it's simplicity...

Now WhatchaMaDoodles has fantastic albums in her shop and some pretty and hip items all ready for Christmas! You can visit her at her blog as well.

There were so many lovely albums to choose from I had a super hard time narrowing it down to just three. So I urge you to search on Etsy and look at them all. In fact, click here! (I did it for you!)

Share the love


tuesday on etsy and I've got jack!

6:56 AM

O'-lantern that is! ha! Here comes some educational content.. buckle up!

Jack-o'-lantern (Jack of the lantern) is synonymous with 'will o' the wisp', which refers to wisp, a bundle of sticks or paper sometimes used as a torch, and will-o' ("Will of"). All are named after the phenomenon of strange lights flickering over peat bogs, called ignis fatuus. What? Is that's Latin!? Yes! And here is the etymology of ignis fatuus: Medieval Latin : Latin ignis, fire + Latin fatuus, foolish.

So what does all this mean? It means today I'm featuring Jack-o'-lanterns! And ya learned something in the bargain! I was quite sneaky about that wasn't I. *smug* :D

Let's begin with this very chic Jack-0'-lantern pendant from Art Under Glass.

This pendant leans more towards sophistication and is double sided.
The back side looks like this:

This pendant is especially appealing to me because of the back; it lends itself to thoroughness and a complete and finished product. Art Under Glass has more to offer at her Natural Wood Art Jewelry Shop, and the new Ice Art Jewelry Shop.

Next up is something for the kiddies! An I Spy Pumpkin from Those Greathouse Women.

The eyes are pouches that contain small items. You and your tiny tot can squish those eyes around and play I Spy together. Too, too clever!

Here's a snap of the back:

I love that the list is sewn right onto the toy! The Four Greathouse Women are actually comprised of four generations and you can learn more about them and their goings on at this blog and this blog.

Last I found these Glitzy Halloween Tags by Dixie Creations.

Yes, I know I just did tags yesterday, but these are so wonderful! I couldn't resist. I know that Halloween is a holiday that will leave many memories and pictures behind and these would be fabulous in your scrapbook!
Dixie Creations is filled with original designs that I found completely delightful!

I have such a hard time when I write this blog because I want to purchase everything I write about! Truly! I am forever wishing I was more crafty so I could put to good use the amazing things I find. I will just have to live vicariously through those who do I suppose!

Here's to clever crafty women and the art they make. Share the love with all your little pumpkins today!


monday on etsy...let's roll dem bones

6:30 AM

Thanks to everyone who voted for me over at Vintaj. Number 13 won this months challenge. It was a gorgeous entry. I did get a respectable amount of votes and I'm looking forward to next months challenge!

Well, enough about me. Let's explore the skeleton on Etsy today and see what spoOoky things we can find.

My favorite find today are these Buttons by Curioddities.

Creepy-crawly and scrawlie just like it says! Another item that reminds me greatly of Gorey. Ever since I saw these I've been frantically trying to figure out a way to justify buying them. Don't wait too long to visit the shop, I'm very close to purchasing! You can visit Clara's website also for more information, and naturally her shop has more to see!

Next I found some Skeleton Hang Tags by Absolutely Dottie.

I love the altered art movement, and these tags are just fabulous. Great for scrapbooking, Halloween birthday gifts, or even as bookmarks. This is just the tip of the iceberg for Dotties shop, there are lots of funky and fun things to see, including these earrings which just crack me up!

And last I want to show you Baxter, the skeleton mushroom, by Effunia.

Baxter, pictured center, has his very own personality which you can read about in the listing, though I will say his favorite food is gummy worms! Effunia has a very cool website where you can see where all the creations she has made have gone. There are even fun photos of these plush darlings with their adopted parents! Fun!! :D This is a wonderful touch that sets handmade items apart and kudos to Effunia!

So there you go... Skellies! As always share the love.


sunday on etsy...let's get the party started!

7:47 AM

I don't mind telling you that this morning's perusal through Etsy 'halloween' items was both delightful and disturbing. In an attempt to un-see some of the things I've seen, let's get our invitations sent out, shall we?

First is this Flying Witch by Cheeky Moppet. (I just love that shop name!)

This Cheeky Moppet has a lovely shop filled with stationary and cards and she welcomes custom orders. She is also a member of the Etsy Mom Team, which I am also a member of. You can read more about her at this blog, and more about Cheeky Moppet's paper crafts at this blog.

Next I found these blank Halloween Cards by Decadent Designs.

These could easily be personalized by you as invitations and how can you not love a pirate skeleton? It makes me laugh out loud. :) Lynsey's shop has an array of cards and invitations, but one thing remains constant; they are all flawless in style. You can view pictures of her custom work here.

My last pick for today is Witches and Ghouls from NY Paper Crafter.

This crafter comes from my own area of Hudson Valley, NY. I can imagine how lovely it must be there right about now. *wistful sigh*! In addition to cards there's a great tag section which you won't want to miss. You can view the website which has information about the artist as well as great photos. NY Paper Crafter is also participating in Mission Soldier Support. You can learn more about this charitable cause here.

So that's it for today. Share the spoOoOoOoOoky love!

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